Welcome to Haise Notes!

Haise Notes is Tomboy's best friend on the web. Haise Notes is an online service that allows you to view, edit and share the notes you create in Tomboy on your desktop computer. Powered by Django, it features a REST-based API for synchronizing notes, an intuitive editor and moxie; lots of moxie.

Thank you for your interest in Haise Notes. Haise Notes is currently under heavy development and is not readyREALLY not ready for production use. Like any good K9 companion, Haise Notes will file your taxes improperly, reconcile with your ex-girlfriends and burn risotto if not watched carefully.

If you want to house-train Haise Notes and teach him some new tricks, check out the TODO and start contributing. P.S., Have I told you how much you rock?